At Whidby Lane, we're a small business with a passion for bringing you little moments of joy throughout the day.

Hi, I'm Connor - Chief Maker.

In 2017, I started making candles as just a fun hobby. At that time, I had been dating Frank for a while and was buying him candles seemingly all the time and wanted to be able to make him whatever he wanted without spending a small fortune. That little hobby quickly expanded into wax melts, which I found so much more customizable (but don't worry - Frank still gets his candles when he wants them). Besides constantly being in product development mode, my other hobbies include enjoying a good glass of wine, annoying Frank, and playing with our adorable dog Charlie!

This is Frank. He generally tolerates me, and loves the house to smell good.

Frank is the self-proclaimed Executive Vice President of Operations for Whidby Lane. He typically is the one to convince me to work instead of watching Netflix and is always the first fragrance tester. Chances are if you happened to catch a small design detail or a common thread across things, it was likely Frank's idea. Frank is also fond of enjoying a good glass of wine, lounging with Charlie, and practicing self care by napping.

And of course, the actual boss - Charlie!